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We all get caught up in our daily lives with work and study commitments.  During our spare time people engage in all different types of activity, whether its music or to play sport just kick back with a with a refreshment for remedy  while watching a favourite game of sport. It's vital that we acknowledge that  being involved with physical activity and wreaking the benefits of what sport has to offer should be part of our daily lives, It's health physical education for life.
A wise man once said "The more we age the less we want to do and the more we will demand". Knowing this, over I have been reprehending myself to demand nothing because I am nothing, Yet who could argue with the fact that we are all something.
I have come to perhaps realise that the more we demand and the less we want to do could be very well because of  "Fear". Fear of performance, fear of pain, fear of not getting it right the first time, fear that it could be a waste of time even.

If the world may not be what it once seemed to be, then dreaming could do more harm than good, so we should save the dreams for when we are sleeping, We need to move on and brave the elements of what society has to offer, for better or for worse, for rich or for poor.

Theoretically the best proven way to help individuals create a positive impact on themselves and to demolish fear is to is to be physically healthy, this can be achieved in a very simple way; regular physical activity. Physical activity is a form of mentor for discipline. No matter how damaged one may feel, sport can break through the barrier.

Fortunately Governments across the globe are beginning to realise that individuals during their youth are commanded to engage in regular physical activity, due to perhaps an injury, disconnection from a sports partner, excessive career focus, and there may be many other reasons why individual may no longer engage in regular physical activity, however as we age, its when sport is most needed. The challenge for many people is getting back into regular physical activity after a long recession. And the longer the break, then the more challenging it becomes to re engage, re adjust and regulate, chance of injury also are greatly increased.  

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