On To Sport,  sweet-spot-for-tennis

Tennis is an excellent sport for the maintenance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. And all in one life time is in a game of tennis. Tennis is a great way at the same time be a great exercise and have fun.

Tennis for weight loss?
Calculated average of 1 hour tennis tournament selection burns about 670 calories for women and people, match or improve the more secular activities such as weightlifting and stationary bike riding of 400 calories.

Consider the benefits of tennis:
A racquet and ball doesn't cost an arm and a leg ; Tennis is a good business sport;with a small group of people you can play tennis all day and night long!; Tennis can (and should) be an interesting social sport;Multi-age, multi-skills: what your level, you may find a person's ability to use similar, but without age and gender barriers; Non-hitting style of sports with little or no harm; You can use or start to life in all age competitions.

Specific health benefits include:

To improve aerobic capacity ; Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure response; Was to improve the role of metabolism;
ITs so much fun that you reduce body fat and you don't even know it; Even greater strength in your arms and legs; sharpen your judgement; decrease self latency  (think more on the ball); Incremental brain activity and improve the spirit of  self awareness. Other benefits consist of those in overall sport.

Is there a dark side?
Well Lights normally go out at 10:30 pm.
Just don't smack the ball like you would to your enemy and the tennis the elbow won't stop the show.
Some courts are free, however most will charge an hourly rate. Best to consider it as an investment into your own well being.

The world wide tennis community has much potential, however fewer people are playing tennis than before, this is due to 2 main factors:

1. people are accepting tennis to be just one of many favourite sports.
2. People find team sports to be less stressful during cut throat competitions.

Tennis is part of the Australian Sports matrix.
Who knows, maybe you have a talent with hitting the ball in the sweet spot, and if you play tennis then it can also improve your swing for other sports. Now that’s a hole in one! Play to win Sportkin! Now get out there and put your anger on the yellow ball!

Christopher B. Sarich