On To Sport,  Playing Sport with the Flu

What’s between the flu and your game?

100 Years ago if you were caught being outside of your home with a common cold, was not a good practice for building ones social reputation.

The common flu is in some ways like a computer virus, other viruses can hide behind it (like stealth mode) and feed from it.

If you meet up with someone and don’st tell them you have the flue before hand, then you risk not only passing on an infectious disease, but also potentially shortening of their life span, boldly speaking, “killing them softly“.

The real cause and effect of a Influenza takes place long after its existence. Even up to 40 years from its initial impact.

And Like computer viruses the sooner you kill the rascal of a thing, then the better for you and everyone around you.

Most importantly if you have the flu, don’t ever play sport until atleast three (3) days after you have fully recovered.

The above information, partly derived from:
Vera Ziher.Entrepreneur