On To Sport,  Sport N Business

When you’re an athlete you plan and when you’re in business you plan.

Just like anything else in life, sport has challenges; Sport and life have very common similarities because we all want to discover our full potential. Playing sport will help you in your career its a known fact.

Team work is also very important, playing port within a team lies along the same path as when working together in business.  Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you want to achieve excellence, then you know that your plan is to be excellent, there is also the risk factor, as life has many complexities and variables. So always remember that where you are from is not half as important as where you are going, Focus and constancy are both essential to achieving affluence. Focus, you’re either in or you’re out there is not in between.

Expect challenges will occur, and remember that challenges arrive in different sizes.

From what i have learned, is that any challenge can be overcome, however it requires breaking it down into small pieces and tackling them one by one. The best way to approach a challenge is to clear the thought of fear.  I like to look at fear as false evidence that appears real, in other words "its mind over matter"

Confidence can either make us, it can also break us.

What I mean by that is that if you have too much confidence without competence, it can hinder you next time around. So what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it is to be put into a realistic perspective.

Preparation is the foundation to allowing you to achieve affluence. In life we must be physically prepared, and mentally prepared. Both forms of preparation have relation and how they work together depends on the amount of planning and preparation. Do you believe in luck? Well some do, but the fact is, everyone can be lucky, and its about being prepared. Opportunity comes only to the prepared mind! 

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