Sport and Health

My name is John
a)      I am years of age !
b)     I am Healthy !
c)      I eat good wholesome and healthy food !
d)     My Cholesterol level is good!
e)      I do plenty of physical exercise !
f)       I have had stress tests with great results for my age ! (the cardiac specialist said that I was fine)
WELL, I thought not.
All of the above made me believe that, no, I am on the right track for staying alive or at least not dying of a heart attack.
Is the stress test and the cholesterol level enough?
MY EXPERIENCE overnight/ for the tests.
I was driving home from work one day and felt a pain in the right hand side of my chest.
I didn’t worry that much about the pain because of its location and I’d had a similar pain before.
However, a few moments later, the pain travelled to my right arm and that is when I started to worry .
I decided to drive to the hospital to have the pain checked.
The hospital emergency staff did a series of tests on me and told me that I should stay overnight
for the tests to be conclusive and I agreed.
The next morning when the cardiac surgeon visited me, he told me that I probably did not have a heart attack and that the pain was “probably” muscular and of course I was so relieved.
This doctor did suggest however, that I have a CT scan which he organised for the following week.
The CT scan revealed that one of the main arteries of my heart was quiet narrowed and the pathologist informed the doctor ( cardiac surgeon) of this.
When I went to that doctor’s rooms for the results of the CT scan he gave me a stress test which proved fine, but suggested that I have an angiogram to prove the results of the CT scan.
He booked me into hospital a few days later and I had the angiogram.
The angiogram revealed that the artery in question was dangerously narrowed (by 80%) and in the same process two stents were inserted into the artery to fix the narrowing. I had been told that this would be done if it was necessary and I had given permission for this procedure.
WELL, I didn’t have a heart attack, but especially due to my strenuous exercising and sporting activities, I could have had one in the future and maybe I wouldn’t be around to tell this story.
Don’t risk having a heart attack by being complacent.
Get yourself checked out – No doctor can say that “your heart is completely safe” unless he sees a picture of your arteries.
See a cardiac specialist and INSIST that he organises a CT scan and if necessary, an angiogram.
BECAUSE OF POINTS a) to f) above, I would not have thought to get checked, but lucky me, I had the power of ‘false alarm’ on my side.